Cooling and freezing foods, beverages, meats, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical materials, chemicals or other goods is common among multiple industries. We offer a wide-ranging line of commercial products to cater these needs at any scale. Our product line includes commercial walk-in chillers & freezers, remote and self-contained units, modular, custom-built walk-in-coolers, temperature controlled rooms and refrigerator monitoring systems. Highest quality of product is ensured through implementation of best engineering and manufacturing processes at each step. Our products are designed for both split and mono block systems. We ensure you best quality with every product you order.

LEOTECH provides the best products and below are some salient features of our product range.

  • Customized and tailor-built doors for the entire range of coolers and freezers both.
  • PVC laminated, Plastisol-coating, Stucco Aluminum, Stelvetite-coating and Pre-Painted panel surface materials are applied during manufacturing to enhance the durability of the products.
  • Choice to select among hinged, sliding and motorized doors along with the provision of wall cladding
  • Chiller/freezer Rooms are designed multiple standard and customized sizes and volumes.
  • CFC-Free Foam Insulation.
  • Economical and budget friendly costing for each product’s manufacturing and installation.

We undertake larger operations too; high-end systems are designed, manufactured and installed safely for larger applications. Refrigeration systems are available in different configurations as individual or centralized power pack (Rack) system.

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