LEOTECH innovate new technologies in the region by using and designing centralize monitoring and controlling system:-

1-Using advance temperature, pressure and humidity controllers which are compatible with application software for remote management to be used in refrigeration, heating, climate control and solar heating systems.

2-Using Programmable Logic Controller(PLC). Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Accusation (SCADA) for refrigeration and climate control solution which has following advantage in compare to other system:

  • Flexibility: they can customize according to clients requirements and expand functionality of control for future requirements.
  • Ruggedize: it is safe to use these controllers in harsh environments.
  • Behaves predictably
  • Allows the use to complete settings through touchable images or keys on the user-friendly window
  • Offers fast and convenient control of climate and refrigeration automation

Additional Advantages

  • To access, configure and continuously store temperature, humidity, time, pressure and voltage data
  • Controllers settings can be changed accurately via the Web, through your computer or your mobile phone
  • Print charts and reports from the stored data
  • Send alarm messages to the registered mobile phones in case the variables are outside the resent vale range
  • Manage the equipment parameter settings from anywhere in the world. All these features are absolutely safe, since the software uses the client/server access, which enables you to send and receive encrypted data between its modules.

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