The stride is still ON, by invariably following the technological changes.

We are glad and proud that we could win a large number of prestigious clients across this region. When clients are contented with our optimum refrigeration solutions, Leotech enjoys consistent appreciation from them, and feels honorably rewarded for the task of delivering immaculate installations using globally reputed systems. Every possible efforts and care been given in empowering our Engineering, Technical and Support professionals using the best training, administrative devices and systems available today. Even a routine maintenance job too is of great concern to us, as our Information Technology system demands flawless documentation, due entries, sharp performance parameters and excellent precision in every process from conceptualization to commissioning.

Endurance cannot be expected from easiness. Our Project Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians contribute to the corporate theme of collaboration in every pulse of the establishment. We make our clients too to engage with us in delivering them the best; technologically sound solutions at a competitive budget.

Discipline in every phase of a project confirms wonderful results. Our craving for new technologies and desire for delivering the finest to those who deserve has caused us enjoy a new tradition in providing brilliant refrigeration solutions. It is not just the 18 long years of our market presence, but the service culture that has made us won immense appreciations from this region.

Our focus in knowing customer requirement thoroughly, defining and designing what they exactly need; that suits their budgetary concerns, sticking to proposed project parameters, and delivering them quality and worth that gets tallied to their investment has always been a challenge on us, and, it has become our professional character. True, ‘character is destiny’, and we owe much to you and the opportunities of the Arabian Gulf Countries that have made possible our wild Imagination transform into thoughts, good words and quality actions, which in due course turned a habit; repetition of which has caused the nature/character, and serving an industrial segment with extreme focus and collaboration has resulted our present destiny

We thank all our patrons, clients, suppliers and devoted colleagues in marching along with us in this long restless stride.

Sidhique M K
Managing Director

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