LEOTECH Group food processing refrigeration equipment is engineered to cool sensitive products that cannot be frozen.

LEOTECH takes your food processing to next level through controlled air circulation with high efficiency fans, food items are evenly cooled, preserving the quality and taste while increasing its shelf life at the same time. What we offer is a complete refrigeration cooling system precisely engineered to save time, energy and money through providing uniform and highly efficient cooling to food items. These efficient systems not only reduce the electricity cost but also increase profit by enabling you to preserve food items for longer durations.

LEOTECH Group has the expertise to engineer and supply an entire package on any part of the system to meet your requirements: compressors, insulated enclosure, evaporator coils and fans. Our cost effective design incorporates corrosion proof materials with advanced spiral, coil and enclosure designs to provide complete systems that meet the industries’ toughest standards. No matter what you are cooling, our systems will deliver as these are designed with keeping in mind your specific application needs.


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