Flake ice is made for its usage in the commercial fishing and concrete cooling industries, typically in large quantities. Rapid cooling and gentle packing are other applications of flaked ice. Flaked ice, regardless if it’s scale or granular, it has a much larger surface area which us used for cooling solutions. We can produce anywhere between 3 and 70 tons of flaked ice per day. LEOTECH develops flake ice plants that are self-sustainable and are built within 20 or 40-ft containers making them ready for immediate startup after connecting the water supply and the electricity.

Our engineering practices make sure that flake ice plants designed by us are environmental friendly and offer protection against site-related airborne debris. The more we can protect the equipment, the longer it will be proven reliable and efficient.

To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we build our cold rooms with the highest quality of materials, equipment and top of the line refrigeration systems (Centralized Power Pack Rack or Individual units) with different variety of accessories and finishing.

Room dimensions can also be customized in a way to provide maximum utilization of the space and at the same time provide dedicated areas for each product category.

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