Freezing is a broadly used process for preservation of food items, however, there are many food items which are sensitive to this process as it affects the quality, nutritional value, and visual appeal of these item. Hence, the exact process and system selected for freezing process has substantial impact on the quality and value of food items. As compared to other freezing methods, the most significant advantage of a blast freezer is their swift cooling and freezing capability which not only safes time but also help in preserving fragile food items which are prone to quality lost in conventional freezing process like fish. Apart from that, Blast freezer’s methods allow foods to be defrosted the frozen food to more like initial fresh state. As far as the capacity is concerned, blast freezers are a good choice for products that are irregular in size and shape.

LEOTECH has a competent team to deal your blast freezer and chiller requirements which, we believe, is a complex process to attain. To achieve the desired result in a blast freezer, the size and capacity of evaporators and refrigerating machines should be in harmony with each other which makes the task of creating and designing an ideal, versatile and flexible shock freezer for any application very difficult one. For example, if the room is not properly sized and get overloaded, the air temperature rises and freezing time extends; at the same time, the outlet pressure of the refrigeration compressor rises. In this case, if the system is not equipped with proper safety measures this can lead to serious damage in the compressor. Loading the room with less than its capacity does not lead to as serious problems as overloading, but increases operation costs.

In over the years, our engineering department has gathered vast experience in design of an highly optimize yet flexible Blast Freezer for different applications in different industries. We achieve this through intensive site and product survey to make sure our blast freezer satisfies every and each aspect of customer requirement from the space availability to low utility cost.

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